Fulfil: Peanut & Caramel Review


(Posted 44weeks ago)

Nutritional Profile: Great! 205 calories C10.3/ P/20/ F8.8  Not dissimilar to the profile of other bars like Quest. A unique point of the bar is the vitamin content. The bars have 9 vitamins, including plenty of B vits and folic acid. So on top of being high in protein, it’s also pretty nutrient-dense! Also, bonus points because the company is Irish 🙂

Texture: Y’know when you bite into a protein bar..sweet goodness hits your taste buds… and then you can’t unlock your jaw because the protein bar is so chewy it has glued your teeth together? That does NOT happen with these bars. Fantastic texture. It’s soft, with a nice choco layer and a bit of crunch from the peanuts.

Taste: Delicious. Perfect combination of peanut & caramel. It feels and tastes like a real choco bar. Unreaaaaal. I hold protein bars to the standard of Grenade’s Carb Killa which is my 10/10 bar. This bar is very similar imo, which is saying a lot.

9/10. Only downfall of the bar, for me, is its density/ thickness. It seems a bit small/ flat. This makes sense as it is slightly smaller than the norm, weighing 55g. Only an ‘issue’ cause I want it to be bigger so it lasts forever


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