Fulfil: Chocolate Caramel & Cookie Dough


Nutrition info: Cals 188/ C10.4/P20/ F6.2

Texture: On POINT. Soft chocolate, perfectly sticky caramel, crunchy pieces and fudgey cookie dough middle. SO perfect to bite into. Not chewy and so enjoyable.

Taste: Lads. You know how grenade has always been my number 1 bar? This is a close competitor! This tastes AMAZING. Like everything I could ever want in a bar. The chocolate chips are made out of something I’ve never come across in a protein bar: really awesome tasting chocolate! The cookie dough part is delicious, the outer chocolate (as always) is divine..and that caramel is perfection. All the flavors work brilliantly together. Not too sweet, perfect amount of everything.

9/10. Highly fulfilled 😉


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