Fulfil: Cookies & Cream


Nutrition Info: Cals: 195. Macros: C11.5/ P19.9/ F6.2 (Fiber 10.9). Excellent macros as a stand-alone product, even more fantastic compared to some other bars on the market.. & let’s not forget the nutrient density ❤

Texture: The coating of this bar is unlike any other bar I’ve tried, and I love it. It’s almost a kind of crisp (cookie crisp omnom). Again, it’s not going to lock your jaw together- not chewy or sticky. Really good texture, so refreshing for a protein bar. Easy to get through, a bit denser than the Peanut & Caramel.

Taste: Cookies. Cream. YIIIIS. Amazing. I even prefer this bar to the Peanut & Caramel. Shot straight to #1! The flavour does not match the macros; tastes like it should be high carb & fat. SO good. I don’t know how they achieved such a spot on taste with an unbelievable nutrition profile. Fulfil crowd are clearly geniuses & macro gods. Again, I would happily use this as a substitute for a real chocolate bar.

9.5/10 from me. On POINT.


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