Fulfil: Dark Chocolate & Mint Review


Nutrition Info: Cals186/ C10/ P19.6/ F6.7 HOW ARE THE MACROS SO AMAZING. It literally boggles my mind, cannot understand how these bars taste so good while being so low cal, low carb & low fat. Fulfil are macro magicians.

Texture: Man I will never stop loving the crunchy layer they have in these bars. It really adds something unique. Same texture as the Milk Choc Mint: soft choc, perfectly gooey mint layer, soft but not too soft center, not too chewy but dense enough to be very satisfying. On POINT.

Texture: This one surprised me! I was expecting to prefer the milk chocolate bar but damn this dark chocolate is delicious. It’s rare to find protein bars that taste like real, rich chocolate… and this bar has nailed it. Definitely comparable to an After Eight, so delicious. If you’re a mint fan you need to get your hands on this, and if you love dark chocolate you’ll probably have yourself a new favourite bar right here. Again, I’m not a huge mint fan, but this is going to be enjoyed regularly by me: it’s that good :’)

9/10 uuuunreal.


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