Fulfil: Milk Chocolate & Mint Review


Nutrition info: Cals188/ C10. 3/ P19.7/ F6.9
Amazing as usual, with an unreal vitamin profile like the rest of the bars.

Texture: These bars never disappoint in texture. Soft milk chocolate outer layer, crunchy pieces underneath, and a lovely mint layer; comparable to the type of deliciousness you find in an After Eight. A bit less thick than caramel, perfectly distributed throughout the bar. There are also chocolate chips which added another bit of crunch ❤

Taste: I need to prefix this by saying mint isn’t something I have too regularly, I like it but I’m not the biggest fan. Regardless of that, I really enjoyed this bar. The ratio of mint to chocolate is spot on. One critique I have is that I couldn’t make out the chocolate chips taste. In the cookie dough bar you can really pick up the chips, but I couldn’t in this one. Apart from that, the taste of this bar is great. I wouldn’t compare it to an After Eight as the chocolate is too light; I’m expecting the dark chocolate version to be like an After Eight. As a milk chocolate fan this bar is perfect. Any fans of mint need to check this one out!



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