Fulfil: Strawberry Vanilla


[UPDATE: 1 year later after eating this bar a few more times… It has grown on me quite a lot! I would now rate it a 6/10]

Okay guys, brace yourselves, not all the reviews can be overwhelmingly positive. There had to be a weakling in this quartet of strong bars 😛 This is my least favourite of the 4 (you can count on me for honesty!), but before getting to why I’ll give the usual run down.

Nutritional Profile: best of the 4 available bars. Calories: 188, C8.2/ P19.7/ F5.2! Absolutely fantastic macros, as I’ve said previously- compared to other bars on the market they’ve really done a good job with the calories and nutrients (dem micros!). Texture: This is the first time the texture of these bars has let me down! Granted, its not AS chewy as many protein bars out there.. however it definitely has more of a sticking bite to it compared to the other bars. It’s soft, kinda skwidgey. Not the worst, but not the best either. The ‘coating’ of this bar is also not up to the same standard as the others. There’s a very thin cream layer on the bar, assuming it’s the vanilla aspect to the bar. It has no distinct texture, just soft like the rest of the bar.

Taste: I need to preface this by saying I’m not a great fan of fruit flavours in general. With protein shakes, sweeteners, etc- give me chocolate and cookie flavour, but not fruit. Because of this, I would not reach for a fruity flavoured bar by default. In saying that, this bar does taste nice. The strawberry taste is artificial, but not to a terrible extent. Like you’d find in a decent strawberry sweet. I don’t get much of a vanilla flavour. It doesn’t taste bad, but I would not chose this flavour from a line up.

4/10 from me. I’d like to hear about what people who enjoy fruity bars think of this one. Anybody? Maybe I’m biased due to my distaste for fruit flavoured things, I’m not sure. Compared to the other bars I’ve reviewed..well, there is no comparison. The other two have been phenomenal,but this one is a no from me.


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