Fulfil: White Chocolate& Cookie Dough Review

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Ooooh man. This one was so surprising to me; I don’t know what I was expecting but this frickin ecstacy was not it :’) I’d never choose white chocolate over regular chocolate as a rule…I think I may start breaking that rule.
Nutritional Info: Cals 200/ C11.2/ P21.2 /F7.2
Slightly higher calorie than the other 3 bars by about 12cals :’) Minuscule difference made up for by the following:

Texture: Fave texture of all of their bars so far. I found it denser than the other bars. It’s super enjoyable to bite into, really feels like a proper densey bar experience ❤ LOVE. As usual the chocolate layer is soft and lovely, there’s a thin caramel layer with the crispy bits underneath the chocolate layer which is a wonderful mix of textures, and the center of the bar is thick fudgey cookie perfection. Don’t think I’ve ever been so complimentary of a texture before 😂

Taste: Can’t even word. There are so many components to the bar and they mesh together to be perfection. The white chocolate is so REAL. Like milky white chocolate you’d find in a regular bar. If you like white chocolate, get on this. There is a very thin caramel layer which I didn’t notice at first, it’s very subtle but adds sweetness. The bulk of the bar is the ‘cookie dough’ part. Surprisingly it’s different to the Chocolate Caramel Cookie Dough bar. It’s darker, denser, and has white choc pieces going through it, with no dark choc chips like the other bar. Honestly, I wouldn’t pin it as ‘cookie dough’; it’s some other flavour that I will simply call ‘amavour’ (amazing-flavour *cringeee*). The bar is super sweet. If you don’t have a sweet tooth, not sure how this will go down. It’s sweeter than their other bars I think; to me it is absolutely delicious.

9.5/ 10 Losing .5 because I’m not sold on the cookie dough description… White Chocolate Amavour ❤ So so so awesome.


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