Fulfil:Coconut & Chocolate Review


Nutrition rundown: Calories: 209. C11.8/ P20.2/ F8.3. Pretty macro friendly, full of fiber,and very nutrient dense as previously discussed!

Texture: I found this to be a lot chewier than the other bars. HOWEVER, chewy like a bounty bar, not chewy like a protein bar. It’s like a cross between biting into a bounty bar and fudge kinda thang! I really, really like how dense this bar is. It’s 5g heavier than the other bars, reflecting dat density. It has a nice chocolate layer on the outside and thick coconut filling. They even nailed that bit-y coconut texture!

Taste: The coconut flavour is perfect. If you’re a fiend for the oul bounty bars, this bar could become a staple healthy-alternative for you. The chocolate that coats the bar is not prominent; it’s completely taken over by the coconut flavour. This isn’t a complaint, but the balance of chocolate to coconut is definitely more so coconut.
I don’t really have anything negative to comment about this one! If you’re not a fan of coconut then avoid it, obviously :’)

8/10 Flavour is great. Excellent bar.


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