Nutramino Lean Protein Bar: Cookie Dough Review


Nutritional Information: 212 calories: 8.4 carb, 8.1 fat, 20 protein. Low carb, high in fiber (15g), good all around.
The packaging has a bunch of ‘enticing’ stuff on it including ‘sweetened with stevia’ great!… BUT, look at ingredients list. The bar is also sweetened with malitol & sucralose. Not a big deal but it irks me that they’ve chosen to highlight the stevia element on the packaging despite using other sweeteners too. ANYWAY. Important shtuff…
Texture: Really soft, kinda skwidgey. Very little bite there, as it’s SO soft. Kind of weird texture overall. Not chewy like other bars, so +1 for that. The bar is a bit strange looking; colour is in layers/ not mixed properly (see corner pic?)

Taste: Noticed smell first; very vanilla-y with after-hint of cookie. Taste isn’t great. It’s like they tried to get cookie dough.. but failed and still went with it. It’s not very sweet like other bars, the sweetness tastes off in some way. There’s a weird after taste… almost cheesy/idk (VERY similar to Reflex R-bars after taste.) No choc chip chunks though it claims ‘cocoa chunks’ in description. Very disappointing.

2/10 Would not buy again. If you want to try it, buy 1 first before committing to box.

(Ps.sorry not sorry about state of my nail varnish 😂)


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