Nutramino Lean Protein Bar: Cookies & Cream Review


Ooh the face of apprehension after the disappointment of the previous bar.
Nutrition Information: It’s good with Cals 214. C8.1/ P20 /F 8.3. Again not crazy competitive with some other bars out there, but still good.

Texture: Same as the previous bar. Really soft; almost squishy. Again the flavour looks like it’s divided into layers, with the ‘cream’ part running through the centre of the bar. The texture is quite unappealing honestly, it’s too soft and not the kind of ‘bar’ texture I enjoy.

Taste: Okay, it’s an improvement on Cookie Dough for sure. The sweetness still tastes ‘off’ to me. The ‘cheesy’ after-taste is absent, though there is still some weird off-taste. Different flavours hit you with different bites. The creamy parts are quite vanilla-y..nice enough. The rest of the flavour is definitely not cookie. Especially compared to other cookies & cream bars on the market. Not even close. Also they say that there’s “cocoa flavoured chunks”.. none that I could find!

Not enjoyable for me, but it’s an improvement on the previous bar…



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