Oh Yeah! Low Carb Bar: Cookie Dough Review


Nutrition Information: Calories 210/ C24/ P21/ F8

As usual, smell is lovely and definitely like cookie dough.

Texture: Great choco coating as with the other bars. Nice and dense, really good texture; not very chewy. Inside looks like cookie dough & has tiny choc bits throughout.

Taste: Initial taste isn’t very strong, in contrast to the mint choc and jaffa cake, but similar to cookies & cream. It’s not as strong as I’d like. It’s very chocolately, and the cookie dough taste hits you after. I’s somewhat nutty almost. For once, I think I actually prefer Quest’s cookie dough flavour to this one. The flavour is actually very nice, it’s just not as cookie-y as I’d like. As a bar on its own it’s really good, defo for you if you have a chocolately sweet tooth. There’s no after taste with this one, yay! I really enjoyed this bar, but in comparison to other cookie dough flavours I’m not sure if it hits par.

I’m still gonna give it an 8/10


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