Oh Yeah! Low Carb Bar: Jaffa Cake Review


Tl;dr: Craving jaffa cakes & want high protein? Go for it. Don’t need protein? You could have about 5 Jaffa cakes for the same calories.
Nutrition Information: Calories 220/ C23/ P22/ F7 Pretty solid macros, if you subtract the fiber and sugar alcohols they report 1g net carb, bold claim! Same calories as many bars on the market, so not competitive there. 60g bar which is a decent size, it’s quite heavy though, and the size seems a bit small as a result

First impression: Smells like Jaffa cake; much excite!

Texture: Quite dense. Chewy but not jaw-lockingly so, and doesn’t get caught in your teeth.

Taste: It’s definitely very jaffa cakey! More orange flavoured than chocolate though. I found the chocolate layer on the outside is very thin, and it doesn’t have a strong taste to it. Slight crunch from chocolate pieces which is super nice. Orange taste is really good, though a tiny bit of artificial after taste.

Overall, quite enjoyable, especially for a protein bar. Would absolutely choose it over Quest or something, but not a replacement for a real  chocolate bar (like my beloved Grenade Carb Killa bars).

7/10 It’s very nice, but not amazing


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