Oh Yeah! Low Carb Bar: Mint Chocolate Chip Review


Nutritional Information: Calories: 220 /C24/ P21/ F7 Again, pretty standard!

As with the other bars, smell is so good! Smells like an after eight. Looks really well, again the coating just makes the bar look lovely.

Texture: Same texture as the others, not very chewy, pretty nice! The inside of the bar is a not-very-appealing green, I didn’t mind that but just worth noting. The coating again just adds something great to the bar.

Taste: This was my reaction: OH MY GOD IT TASTES LIKE AN AFTER EIGHT. YES. LAWD. SO GOOD. AHH- Wait.. Aftertaste…nooooo. So, the initial taste that you get is amazing. Legit mint chocolatey goodness. BUT I got a very, very strong after taste. It was like a stale/ dusty taste (the bar was not gone off). This aftertaste really stuck around and totally took away from enjoying the remainder of the bar. Did anyone else get this, or did I possibly get a bad bar? The initial taste was seriously so good.
If I were to rate the bar without the after taste I would give it a 9/10. WITH the aftertaste: 5/10


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