Chef Robert Irvine FIT Elite Low Carb Protein Bar: Cookie Dough Review


Nutrition Profile: Calories: 180/ C24/ P20/ F5. 4g net carbs for those who track net. 5g fat is impressive, substantially lower than many bars. Overall, very good macros.

Texture: Quite squishy, very similar to quest but a bit denser. It’ very chewy (like Quest; possibly even more so) There are proper hard chocolate chunks throughout which are unreal , and nicely spread throughout the bar to change up the texture. Overall the texture is too soft and chewy, the only enjoyable part is the choc chunks.

Taste: Identical to Quest’s Cookie Dough, in my opinion. Main difference is the chocolate chunks, which are real chocolate and really delicious ❤ The chunks are quite large too, very enjoyable. The taste is nice, sweet and cookie dough-ish. If you’ve had a Quest’s Cookie Dough you know what I mean, exactly the same taste 🙂 If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll like it.

Decided half way through the bar that I had made up my mind about it, it’s basically a Quest bar. So I baked the other half which was…*drum roll* exactly the same as baking a Quest bar.
In summary this bar reminded me why I don’t buy Quest bars anymore. Christ if I say ‘Quest bar’ one more time…. Disappointed.. for some reason I thought this bar was going to be great due to the Fit Crunch series (also by Robert Irvine) getting rave reviews. I guess you must sacrifice quality for better macros 😦 Still interested in trying other flavours to see how they compare.

6/10 Solid macros, decent taste. Bad texture. Same as Quest. Would I chose this over Quest? Yes. Why? Better macros and chocolate chunks.

Ps. My face was not cooperating, hence the lack of 👌


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