Maxi Nutrition Lean Definition Bar: Dark Chocolate Orange Review

Jardin des Plantes, Toulouse

First off: wtf the nutrition information isn’t listed per bar (60g) it’s listed per 100g so I had to go do some maths to work out the damn macros UNIMPRESSED.

Nutritional Information: Cals 208/ C19/ P23/ F5 Slightly higher protein than other bars, low fat, low enough carb. Plus 4g fiber.
Interestingly it has caffeine in it (125mg)as well as L-cartinine and green tea extract. I guess as a slight ‘fat burner boost’ though its not explicitly stated in the bar. Note: Don’t buy into fat burners. Just interesting ingredients.

Texture: Same as previous. Far too chewy. Protip: don’t leave it in the sun and then sit on it cause it’s squishy enough without being heated up and sat on.

Taste: Chocolate orange on point. Nice chocolate coating. Really enjoyable taste. If you like choc organge I think you’ll like this. However, there was an intense lingering after taste. Kind of sweet orange taste that didn’t go away until I ate/ drank something else. Rly weird and not nice.

I would have the bar again because it did taste very nice, and also my friend had some and agreed. The aftertaste is off putting but could be worse.

5/10 nice taste, decent macros, far too chewy & the taste lingers


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