Maxi Nutrition Promax Lean: Dark Chocolate Review

Old Port of Marseille, France

ONCE AGAIN I had to perform some frickin arithmetic to workout the calories and macros, as nutritional info is listed per 100g as opposed to per 60g bar. WHY.
Nutrition Information: Calories 205/ C19/ P23/ F4.6 And 4g fiber.

Texture: As with previous Maxi bars, Nice dark chocolate coating. It’s very soft as is the rest of the bar, again repeating previous experience, far too chewy.

Taste: Meh. Yeah it’s dark chocolate but it tastes like cheap, not nice chocolate. It’s not too sweet and in this case I wish it was a bit sweeter. It’s not bad tasting my any means, but I wouldn’t call it tasty.
4/10 Would not buy again


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