Maxi Nutrition Promax Sustain & Rebuild Bar: Blueberry Smoothie Revire

Grand Place, Brussels

Nutrition information: Cals 207/ C17.8/ P21.1/ F5.6 and 5.9g fiber. Pretty awesome profile, quite low calories, low fat and low carb.

First impression: seems to have a nice yoghurt coating. No distinct smell.

Texture: I got a bit smushed in my bag :’) Still maintained its shape pretty well though.. Probably be due to it being chewy as hell.. had to chew for 5 minutes to break it down :’) The bar is pretty dense, no chunks or anything. The yoghurt layer is nice but very soft. Very very VERY chewy bar.

Taste: As far as fruit flavored bars go, it’s pretty nice. I don’t normally enjoy fruit flavored bars cause I am a child and go for cookies & chocolate, but this was quite good for a change. It’s not amazing, but it’s got a nice blueberry yoghurt taste, and no after taste. If you like blueberry yoghurt and want a low cal option bar, it’s decent. As long as you have a jaw built for endurance 😛
5/10 Too chewy, okay taste, very good macros/ calories


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