Maxi Nutrition Sustain and Rebuild Bar: Cookie Dough Review

Monument aux Girondins, Bordeaux

Nutrition profile: Cals 218/ C16.3/ P21.2/ F7.2 and 6.2g Fiber. Quite average macros, but a good low – ish carb option with a decent amount of fiber.

Texture: It has a nice dark chocolate coating but again the entire bar is quite squishy. As was the last bar, EXTREMELY chewy. There are small almond chunks throughout but they’re hard to pick up on due to the chewiness.

Taste: not cookie dough. The dark choc layer tastes as such, but kinda cheap choc. The bar itself is really sweet but not like cookie dough. The main taste is chocolate. The almond chunks aren’t noticeable (and aren’t really typical of cookie dough either?). The description on the bar says ‘cookie bits’ in the bar, but none that I could find. There’s NJ after taste and it’s not too sweet.

As a chocolate protein bar it’s alright, but as far as a cookie dough bar you can find far better out there.
3/10 Sweet, okay macros, not cookie dough and very chewy.


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