Multipower 50% Protein Bar in Chocolate-Cream Flavour Review


Nutritional Information: 172 calories C12/ P25/ F4.3 Awesome macro split, low carb, low fat and higher protein than a lot of bars.

First impression: Smells chocolatey, but there’s also a weird scent to it, not unpleasant but kindaa off putting. Has a nice chocolate coating. While it’s a bit small (50g), it’s still a decent size.

Texture: Very soft, but not too chewy. It doesn’t stick to your teeth. It’s like biting into a fudgey choco bar! Really nice.
Taste: I was not expecting this to taste so nice! Lovely chocolate taste. It’s not too sweet, it’s the perfect level of sweetness ❤ Brilliant to kill a chocolate craving. There isn’t much else to say! I really enjoyed it. Chocolate flavour on POINT. 😀

8/10 Awesome macros, good texture and tastes really nice.

Absolutely want to try the rest of this series!


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