Oh Yeah! Low Carb Bar: Celebration Cake Review


Nutrition Information: Calories: 220/ C23/ P21/ F7. Pretty standard nutrition profile. If you don’t track insoluble fiber, the net carbs are 15 which is quite decent.

First reaction: Oh my god SPRINKLES. The bar looks super good, very colorful. Strong vanilla scent hits you first.

Texture: The outside is kinda powdery. Covered in a vanilla layer, with lots of sprinkles. As with the previous bars in the series, it’s a nice density and not chewy (yay!), could be comparable to a dense cake. The sprinkles add a great crunch.

Taste: If you have a sweet tooth you’ll really like the level of sweetness (strong, but not overwhelmingly so). The main flavour is vanilla, and seeing as there’s no standard flavour for a cake, I’d say this is a pretty awesome taste! There’s no aftertaste; differing from a few of the other bars. I really enjoyed this! For those who love sweet treats, it’s definitely one of those ‘cheat clean’ options. If you don’t have a sweet tooth I wouldn’t recommend it, it might be too sweet for you. Absolutely worth trying to see if it’s for you, in my opinion.

8/10 Very good!


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