PhD Diet Whey- Chocolate Mint Review


Nutritional Information: Calories: 176, C14/ P25(!)/ F4.4

Very macro friendly if you’re lower fat, and the protein content is higher than a lot of bars (only by 5g, but still). It’s a small bar, weighs 50g; mainly due to its density.

Texture: Feels quite squishy. When you bite into it, it’s very soft, though dense. Similar to Nutramino Lean series. Then, you keep biting..and biting.. and biting. Very chewy. Ridiculously so. The chewiest protein bar I’ve ever tried, I think.

Taste: It’s minty, yeah. Chocolatey, a bit. However, the mint flavour isn’t very nice, and totally overpowers the (also-not-very-nice) chocolate flavour. If you’re in a low-calorie rut, you’re gonna like the flavour, as it will satisfy your choco mint craving. However, compared to other chocolate mint protein bars (Oh Yeah, Quest, etc) it’s not good at all.

4/10. Good macros. Verging on ‘alright’ taste.


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