Olimp Matrix High Protein Meal Replacement Bar: Coconut Flavour + White Chocolate coating

Venice, Italy

Nutritional information: Cals 258/ C20.4/ P25.1/ F8.1

Texture: Seems slightly chewier than the previous 2 bars of this series, but also it was out in the sun for a while.. It was a bit melty so maaaybe that was my own fault :’) The coating is the same texture as the rest of the bar, pretty soft and easy to bite into. Not a bad texture at all; I enjoyed it.

Taste: The white chocolate coating is surprisingly strong, I was expecting the coconut to overpower it but the two work together really well. The coconut flavour is not like other protein bars I’ve tried, and not comparable to a Bounty bar. It is very nice though, it’s not too sweet and pretty coconut-y.

6/10 Pretty nice taste, okay texture, quite high cals


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