Olimp’s Matrix High Protein Meal Replacement Bar Review: Double Chocolate Flavour

Trevi Fountain, Rome

Nutrition information: Cals 253/ C19.7/ P25.1/ F8.1 and 12.6g of fiber. Pretty high calories for a protein bar but it is designed as a meal replacement. The bar is also larger than standard protein bars at 80g. It’s also enriched with a lot of vitamins/ minerals which is cool.

Texture: Kind of thick fudgey texture, and looks like a fudgey brownie. Chewy but not overly so, quite easy to eat 🙂 Chocolate coating on the outside which is pretty soft but also I was sitting in sun so it may have been slightly melted.

Taste: At first I thought it wasn’t sweet or Chocolatey enough, but the more I ate it the more I enjoyed it. It’s not overpoweringly chocolatey but there is a decent choc taste. I’m not sure it would satisfy a sweet tooth craving but I have a MAJOR sweet tooth so that’s probably just a me thing.

5/10. Pretty average on all accounts, nothing particularly bad other than the calorie count, which is a bit too high for me


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