FitJoy Protein Bar: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Review


Nutritional Info: Cals 220 / C25 (13f)/ P20/ F7

Texture: Don’t eat this bar when you’re around people, because if they try to speak to you won’t be able to respond due to your jaw being locked. This bar is beyond chewy. It has the consistency of plasticine/ play dough. Awful.

Taste: Comparable to Quest’s cookie dough bar, but like a bad-batch version. It is SO artificially sweet that there is actually an artificial after taste that lingers for way too long. The chocolate chips aren’t very chocolatey, and super artificial as well. Not cookie dough, not enjoyable… Big nope.

Can I give it 0/10? Okay okay that might be a bit harsh… It is edible and the nutritional profile is okay..

We’ll go with a generous 1/10. These bars are such a disappointment, has anyone had them and liked them?? Two left to go.


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