FitJoy Protein Bar: Chocolate Iced Brownie Review


Casually reviewing a protein bar in the hairdressers don’t mind me…. Final review of the Fitjoy bars that I’m posting for now. Saving what I hoped would be the nicest until last: Chocolate Iced Brownie

Nutritional Info: Calories 230/ C25(f12)/ P20/ F8 Decent as usual.

Again, really good looking bar. Cool chocolate web/drizzle layer on top of the bar with nuts scattered over it.

Texture: Chewy, but no where near as bad as the first two. Again, more like fudge. Far more enjoyable. Yay!

Taste: Initially I was unsure, but the more I ate the more I liked it. It’s very chocolately. There is a nutty taste as well, which I wasn’t expecting. There’s a type of nut in the top layer, and I had to read ingredients list to find out it was pecans. It tastes nice, but why it’s not mentioned on the bar.. or what is has to do with brownie.. Idk. The top layer is a mix of milk & dark choc, it’s not artificial tasting, really nice! Fudgey, chocolatey middle which definitely has a brownie taste. Definitely the best of the 4 I’ve tried.

6/10. I don’t think I’d spend money on it, but if it was there I would eat it.. Which is more than I can say for the previous 3!


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