FitJoy Protein Bar: Chocolate Peanut Butter Review


Nutrition Info: Cals 220/ C24 (12 fiber)/P20/ F7
The macros are alright, looking at about the same as a Quest bar.

First impression is that it’s a nice looking bar. There are peanuts all over the top of the bar and it looks very chocolatey. Smells super peanut-y too!

Texture: So. Chewy. If you want a solid jaw workout we have a winner… A bite of this bar takes a lot of effort to get down. It’s really dense, there is no texture difference throughout the bar despite their being different looking layers to the bar. Even the peanuts are the same texture, they’re soft with no crunch. The bar is almost waxy its so chewy and bleh. Not enjoyable to eat.

Taste: Ehhh. It definitely tastes like peanuts… but not in a very nice way. The peanut taste definitely overwhelms the chocolate part, which hits you after… and is pretty bad. It’s very artificial tasting, and really not a nice chocolate flavour at all. There’s also a strong articifical sweetener taste. Not a fan.

2/10… decent enough macros but would definitely not have it again. Hoping the next few bars are good, I’ve heard such good things I was so surprised at how bad this bar was!


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