FitJoy Protein Bar: French Vanilla Almond Review


Nutritional information: Calories 220/ C23 (f10)/ P20/ F8

First impression is that damn this is a nice looking bar. It has a cool icing drizzle pattern and almonds, on top of caramel-coloured top layer.

Texture: Surprisingly enough it’s not the same texture as the previous two bars. Now, it is still VERY chewy but less like plasticine and more like sticky toffee. Still not ideal, but somewhat of an improvement at least.

Taste: Eh. Not quite sure about this one. It’s definitely vanilla-y… but despite their being almonds literally embedded in the bar, it lacks a distinct almond taste. The icing also has no detectable taste, and the different layers are indistinguishable. It’s not great tasting, but it’s not bad either. It’s sweet, but not too sweet. Another surprising thing is that it isn’t artificial tasting like the last two bars, which is great… but the flavour itself isn’t something I’d call great. It’s sweet and vanilla-ish.. that’s kind of it really. Not something I would reach for, and honestly I didn’t finish the bar because it just did nothing for me.
4/10. Not bad but not good. Decent enough macros. One more left to review!


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