Gladiator Protein Bar: Caramel Flavoured Bar with Peanuts Review


Nutritional Information: Calories 224, C16/ P22 (8g fiber) / F8.3
Pretty great macros, decent calories, and high in fiber

Texture: I’ve never come across this texture in a protein bar before! It’s got a biscuit-type middle and it’s unreal! A bit crumbly, chewy in a soft-biscuit kinda way. The chocolate coating is thick, smooth and like proper chocolate. The caramel layer underneath is really generous, sticky and amazing. There are also some crunchy pieces throughout which are fantastic

Taste: NOMMM. So. Good. I enjoyed every second of this bar (so about 10 seconds; so good I devoured it rly fast). The chocolate tastes like proper milk choc, and plenty of it. The caramel is the nicest caramel I’ve come across in a protein bar (yes, I just said that). The middle biscuit part doesn’t have a very distinct taste, but the level it adds is fantastic. The only ‘negative’ thing I would say is that I couldn’t taste anything peanut-y. The bar is clearly labeled as having peanuts but I get even a hint of peanut. It would be better labelled as Chocolate Caramel

9/10 It genuinely reminds me of a real choco bar, absolutely delicious & great texture


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