Grenade Carb Killa: Banana Armor


I should preface this review by saying I was expecting to not like this.. due to not normally liking artificial banana tastes…I am ashamed of myself for judging before trying it, as a complete @grenadefatburner fan girl I should have known better… They never disappoint

Nutritional Info: Calories 217/ C14.8 (fiber 6.4)/ P22.7/ F8.3
Solid nutrition profile, low enough calories & decent amount of fiber

Texture: As expected from this series, a great chocolate layer covers the bar with crispies underneath it. Smooth chocolate, and the crunch from the crispies is great. Nice caramel layer underneath the chocolate, it’s not too sticky and is distributed very well. It’s not chewy, it’s the perfect density and is very enjoyable to bit into

Taste: Cue my surprise. Have you every had banana penny sweets? (Irish people will know what I mean; small banana sweets, kinda chewy, that you had as a kid?) Tastes like that.. but with chocolate. Amazing. Very sweet, in a wonderful way. It’s chocolatey enough to be a chocolate bar, and fruity enough to also be a fruit bar- something you don’t normally see mixed well together in the protein bar world. I don’t normally like fruit flavours, but this is awesome. The caramel is hard to pick up on, it definitely adds sweetness but the choco & banana are more prominent. Deeeelicious

One of the best parts of this bar is that it’s SO different. I’ve never had anything like it before, and I really really enjoyed it. I’m genuinely going to stock up on these before they disappear (why are they limited edition?! Make them forever!)


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