MyProtein Protein Choc: Caramel & Peanut Flavour Review


Nutrition Information: Calories 242/ C23 (14 sugar)/ P21/ F8. Again, not the worst, but quite high in sugar

My initial impression was that it smells quite peanut-,y and looks pretty good. Nice chocolate layer around the bar (forgive the pic, it got squished in my bag!) You can tell there’s proper size peanuts under the chocolate layer

Texture: A lot chewier than the last bar. It’s not awful, but it does require a lot more bite. The chocolate is soft and the peanuts add a nice dimension to the bar, though they’re not very crunchy, they are definitely detectable

Taste: Soooo peanuty. So much so that I couldn’t pick up on the caramel at all, there is a very thin layer of it underneath the chocolate coating but it’s not strong. The chocolate around the bar was nice, but overpowered by the peanut taste as well. The peanut taste itself was very average, if you’re a big peanut fan you might like it but for me it was just.. meh

4/10. Chewy, not caramel-y, too peanut-y (my strong) Pretty disappointed considering how much I enjoyed the last bar! Not great, wouldn’t have again. Maybe Fulfil have my expectations set too high :’) … If anyone else has tried this bar I’d love to know what you think!


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