MyProtein Protein Chox: Cookies & Cream Flavour Review


Nutritional information: 230calories C26/ P22/ F5.4

Not ridiculously high cals, but not ideal either. The carbs don’t look bad, though compared to other bars such as Fuilfil & Quest the make up of the carbs isn’t great; with 15 grams of sugar and no fiber. Still, if you don’t care much about sugar, not too shabby macros. Also quite low fat.

Texture: It’s really soft but in a soft-fudge type of way. It’s not sticky/ chewy. Pretty enjoyable

Taste: I was reallyy impressed with the taste of this! It reminded me of a type of decadent chocolate you’d find in a christmas selection box or something like that. I wouldn’t say it reminds me of cookie at all, but I do love the taste. It has a lovely chocolate coating that tastes like real milk choc. There are microscopic chocolate chips throughout but I couldn’t pick up on them. It’s very hard to pin the flavour but it’s creamy, kinda chocolately and.. just delicious! Really enjoyed

8/10 Great taste. High in sugar, but alright nutritional values. Would recommend trying 🙂 €2.49 per bar from



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