Snickers Protein Bar Review


Nutritional information: Cals 199, C18.5 (sugar 9.5g, fiber 2g)/ P18.2/ F7
Compared to a regular Snickers bar which is 250 cals, C33 (27g sugar)/ P4/ F12 So quite a substantial difference there! The protein bar is a lot better in terms of calories, sugar and protein (duh)

Texture: A bit chewy, but pretty similar to a regular snickers bar. Pretty dense, kinda fudgey, I like it. There’s a good choco layer with crunchy peanuts underneath which add a decent crunch

Taste: Where they compromised on the calories they also compromised on the taste. Honestly, I didn’t enjoy it. If you want a Snickers bar and have calories to spare, just eat the real thing… because this probably won’t satisfy your cravings. If you’re in a pinch with calories and are looking for a sweet peanut protein bump, it would do the job.. it’s just not a Snickers bar. Imagining it’s not trying to be a Snickers bar… it’s not bad. As a standalone protein bar, I’d eat it. The chocolate is pretty nice, and the peanut taste isn’t too strong. It does taste a bit artificial, and it wouldn’t be my first choice if I had to pick from a line up of peanut flavoured protein bars ( *cough* fulfil *cough*)

5/10. Entirely meh. It’s not like the real thing, and it’s 50 calories in the difference. Treat yo self every so often rather than trying to make unsatisfying swaps.. eating ‘clean’/ low calorie substitutions only works.. but not all the time. Have real treats in moderation, and stick to wholefoods the rest of the time. I’d rather eat a real Snickers bar followed by some chicken any day 🙂


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