Carb Killa: Peanut Nutter Review


Nutritional Info: Calories 223, C15.4/ P21/ F9.3 And 6.9g fiber
Pretty standard and pretty great I think, especially for the size of the bar

First impression: I was SO hoping that they would have substituted the caramel layer with peanut butter, but no 😦 Getting over that disappointment, it looks different to the other carb killa bars as it doesn’t have the crispies underneath the chocolate; it has chopped peanuts instead. Not bad

Texture: Really really soft. Not chewy, and holds up to the high standard of the other carb killa bars. However, I found that without the crispy pieces.. the whole bar was just soft. The peanuts didn’t add enough crunch for me. Apart from that, the chocolate is smooth, the filling is fudgey. Everything you expect from grenade

Taste: Right, okay. I was confused by the taste. It’s not VERY strong peanut… but it’s still strong enough to overpower the chocolate. Or else the chocolate is different, and not very strong. Either way, it’s all peanut and barely no chocolate. The caramel layer comes through and adds sweetness, but honestly it was just like ‘yep that’s peanut… meh’. If you’re a peanut fan you will like it, and don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the bar… but I’ve come to expect such innovative and DELICIOUS flavours from grenade that this was a let down, due to how avergage it tasted

I would give it a 6.5/ 10…. but for Grenade’s standard which I normally have at 8 and above… it just doesn’t compare. Pretty disappointed. Anyone else agree/ disagree? Nice but.. entirely average


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