Oh Yeah! ONE Birthday Cake Flavor



Okay so it took me way too long to realise the ‘ONE’ part is because it only has 1g of sugar (reportedly). I’m an idiot guys, I can accept this. Anyway.


Nutrition Info: 220 cals. C24/ P21/ F7 with 9g fiber and 10g sugar alcohol. The ‘net’ carb count they arrive to is carbs – fiber – sugar alcohols. Which is…5… I’m not getting into this, Y’ALL JUST WANNA KNOW HOW IT TASTE RIGHT? Tough we’re covering texture first; then taste * fight me *

Texture: Very good, again! Similar to yesterday’s bar. Soft with crunchy pieces, very enjoyable. The sprinkles also add an enjoyable dimension to the texture

Taste: So, birthday cake as a flavour is an american thing (I think). To me, this strongly tasted of vanilla, and that alone. Super sweet! Right up my alley. I liked it; though while eating it I was thinking… have I reviewed this before? And yeah, I’m pretty sure this is the exact same as the Oh Yeah! Low Carb bar in Celebration Cake (which I think is discontinued…. and re-marketed as this bar). The review I did on that is on teatotriceps.wordpress.com
7/10 Texture really good, nutrition profile pretty good.. though a lot of ingredients (due to sprinkles), taste was very nice, albeit a bit plain. It’s sweet, yum vanilla, but that’s all. Nothing else there. I liked it, but the cinnamon blew me away & this didn’t


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