Oh Yeah! One: Cinnamon Roll Flavor


Nutritional Info: Calories 230, C24 (1g net*) P20/ F9
Bit high in calories, but nothing too bad. * They subtract the fiber & sugar alcohols to give the 1g net carb statement. Not entirely accurate (see my previous review of Pandy as to why) but I’m not gonna give out about it.

First impression: Smells so good, looks really nice

Texture: Brilliant. Soft, but dense. Crunchy pieces throughout. Coating is soft but not too soft, inside is like light-fudge. Almost melt-in-mouth experience

Taste: Amazing. That’s all.
Okay that’s not all, but that’s a summary. SO good. If you are a cinnamon fan; get on this bar. It is very sweet, but the PERFECT amount of sweetness. It smells delicious, and tastes even better. Perfect cinnamon roll flavour, I am beyond impressed

I don’t even know what else to say, brilliant overall. I planned on eating half and devoured the whole thing because it was too good not to finish

9.5/10 Honestly, I loved it. -0.5 because its a bit high in calories for me, and the calories do not equal the carb amount (even when taking the net carbs into consideration). Highly, highly recommend.


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