Oh Yeah! ONE Cookies & Creme



Nutrition Info: Calories 220/ C23/ P22/ F7. Net carbs etc same as previous

Okay so I think there is a noticeable difference between the appearance of this bar and the previous. A lot less good looking, but hey lets not judge based on the cover yada yada. Also please note that it’s creme not cream… Because FRENCH

Texture: Same as the previous ones, really good; soft with crunchy pieces. Outer layer is nice, though I found it was a small bit powdery & no real distinct texture. Really love the texture of these bars.

Taste: Eh, so immediately I got a cinnamon taste. Double checked the wrapper to make sure what I was eating. It was like cinnamon & vanilla… I don’t know if my taste buds were rebelling or something, but this tasted nothing like cookies & cream to me. Unless the cream is vanilla flavoured. The vanilla taste is nice. There are tiny dark pieces scattered throughout the bar, but I couldn’t distinguish their flavour

I liked the bar, but it wasn’t cookies & cream for me. I liked that it’s not the same taste as a lot of cookie & cream bars on the market, but the labelling is definitely off

Also, I realised I’ve reviewed the Oh Yeah! Low Carb version of this bar almost 2 years ago, but I think they have changed the formula since then as I don’t agree with my prev review (or maybe I changed 😯)

I’d give it a solid 7/10. It was really enjoyable, sweet. Good texture, decent macros


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