Oh Yeah! ONE Almond Bliss



I was surprised when I saw the bar, wasn’t expecting it to be covered in chocolate! Not a bad thing but totally absent from the labelling

Nutrition info: Cals 230/ C22/ P21/ F9
Fats are slightly higher which makes sense as there’s almonds throughout the bar. Pretty decent as usual

Texture: Same as the other bars, with a bit of added goodness from almonds throughout the bar

Taste: Ugh. This was everything I didn’t want it to be. It was so strange tasting. It was kind of almond-y, I guess… but overpowered by a horrible off-taste that I can’t put words to. It was just… gross? It also left a bad after taste. The chocolate outside layer didn’t help anything, the weird taste just ruined the whole thing

So sad, I love almonds and was expecting much more from this bar 😦



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