Oh Yeah! ONE Chocolate Brownie


I thiiink I only have a couple more to review of this series, how are you guys liking them? There’s a huge range of flavours to this series which is pretty cool, I’m liking doing these. Some are a lot better than others but that’s what makes it great ITS LIKE A BOX OF CHOCOLATES #gump

Nutritional Information: 210 calories, C24/ P21/ F7 (1g sugar)

Texture: A bit denser than the previous few bars, and slightly more chewy. The outer chocolate layer is very good, nice & smooth. Overall the texture was very good, just missing the crunch that I like

Taste: This is a good bar for a chocolate craving I think. It’s chocolatey, it’s sweet, it’s pretty enjoyable. The soft fudgey middle of these bars is awesome and the chocolate flavour was very good.

7/10 Soft & chocolatey, can’t go wrong


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