Optimum Nutrition Cake Bites: Red Velvet Review


Nutrition Information: You get 3 cake bites per pack. The whole pack is 230 calories, C22/ P20/ F7. Working out at about 77 calories per cake bite. Pretty great I think.

First off: I love that you get 3 individual bites. With a bar it’s hard not to eat it all in one go, but these allow you to space it out over time which is really nice (imo)

Texture: There is an icing-type layer on the outside which is pretty bang-on. It’s sweet, tastes sweet / vanilla, not too think and soft to bite through. The middle of the bite is amazing. It’s like proper cake texture! Spongey, not chewy. Unreal

Taste: I was so impressed. This was really, really good. It doesn’t taste like any protein bar I’ve had, which sets these bites apart even more. I haven’t had much red velvet cake so I’m not sure how accurate it is of a label; but this did remind me of some kind of cake/ bun. Tastes of vanilla cake & icing, without being too sweet or overpowering. I loveeed it.
Great alternative to a protein bar, and so easy to just eat one and save the others for later; brilliant.

8/10 Roll on the next ones!



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