FitJoy: Birthday Cake Batter

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 3.22.20 PM

Is this different to.. cooked Birthday Cake? Who knows

Nutritional Info: Cals 230/ C22 (10f)/ P20/ F8 Not bad as usual

Texture: *Bracing myself for the brutality* This bar is coated in really generous icing (which is incredibly ironic considering it’s supposed to be ‘batter’….). The icing is smooth and creamy, it’s really good. The bar itself is as expected; very chewy. Sticks to teeth and takes a while to eat due to how chewy it is. It’s dense & heavy, and feels like a substantial snack due to how long you’re chewing it for. There are tons of sprinkles which add a tiny bit of crunch

Taste: Super sweet! Initial taste is super nice, but there was a slight after taste that tasted a bit mank.. it is easy to tell that it’s a protein bar. This after taste went away the more I ate.. but put me off a bit. It’s very sweet vanilla; similar to a lot of birthday cake bars but not as good. It was okay, but towards the end I was sick of it due to the amount of chewing

5/10 good taste, bad texture


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