FitJoy: Iced Gingerbread Cookie

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 3.09.24 PM

FitJoy Iced Gingerbread Cookie Review

Nutritional Info: Calories 220/ C24 (10f), P20, F7

Texture: I was trying to get this un-stuck from my teeth for the 10 minutes following eating it. Oh my god so sticky/ chewy. It was near impossible to get out of the wrapping, hence the state of the wrapper in this pic. It’s so sticky. It’s dense & chewy. Despite the different layers, pieces on top, and pieces in the middle, the whole thing was the same dense-chewy texture

Taste: VERY strong ginger. You know when you eat ginger and sometimes it’s strong enough to be spicy/burn? That strong. It was a very good ginger flavour, my complaint would be that it’s not sweet enough. For an ‘iced cookie’ there is very little sweetness. By nature gingerbread cookies are pretty sweet .. so not a good description. Again, ginger taste was good, but lack of sweetness was bad

Very mixed about this, I want to absolutely crush it with a bad rating but the ginger flavour was spot on

3/10.. ginger taste was good, calories are good… BUT the gingerbread taste is bad (not sweet) and the texture is BRUTAL

Ingredients: Contains palm oil


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