FitJoy: Pumpkin Pie

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 3.22.10 PM

Again, this one stuck to the wrapper it was so sticky but.. it looks good anyway

Nutritional Info: Calories 220/ C24 (10f)/P20/F7

Texture: So chewy. It’s like the bar was made from glue. Glue that has a love for teeth. Pro tip is to take very small bites, and possibly disappear to a room with no people while eating it so you don’t have to talk to anyone during consumption; because you won’t be able to talk while trying to chew this bar

Taste: It’s so good. Such a nice flavour; it reminds me of christmas spices. The pieces on top taste great; like nutmeg, cinnamon, that type of xmas-y vibe. It’s pumpkiny in an amazing way; warming and seasonal

It tastes so good, the texture is such a let down though


Contains palm oil


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