FitJoy Winter Peppermint Bark

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 3.09.04 PM

FitJoy Winter Peppermint Bark Review (Seasonal Collection)

Smells so minty! Looks so good, even on the inside

Nutritional Info: Cals 230, C24 (10f)/ P20/ F8

Texture: (long one, sorry) So much going on! First, the icing is thick, especially at the bottom of the bar. It’s dense, it looks like biscuit on the inside but it’s soft and chewy. There are bits throughout which are slightly harder than the rest of the bar, but also chewy (Didn’t know what they were as it wasn’t indicated on the label, the ingredients list says they’re crispy bits). Quite chewy. Not as bad as some bars, but still prettyyy chewy. Not the best, not the worst

Taste: You know peppermint gum? Hits you hard, lingers? That. The most mint I have ever experienced from a food product, not other protein bars, not After Eights, hell.. real mints barely touch on this. SO. MINTY. No other flavour comes through here, this is like eating a pack of gum.. and hey, it’s also chewy
If you LOVE peppermint, go for it.. otherwise, nope

5/10 it’s not bad, but its too intense & not a great texture

Ingredients: Contains palm oil.


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