1. Nutrition Is Broken


“Nutrition: the process of providing or obtaining the food necessary for health and growth” Achieving nutrition with the current state of the industry is too hard these days

The whole industry is broken. I don’t mean instagram, I don’t mean silly articles you see pop up online, I mean the entire industry. This stems from a lot of things, one of those things being that anyone can call themselves a nutritionist. It’s not a protected term. People can’t go around calling themselves doctors, but pretty much anyone can call themselves a nutritionist or a variation of the term (I’m looking at you, ‘macro coaches’). On top of this, those who DO go to college and study nutrition are often not any better off than the people who barely studied at all. Bold claim right? Let me explain

Nutrition research gets done. This can take months/ years. That research gets published in a peer reviewed journal, a process that again can take months-years. Text books then take that research, and develop their content with it. Depending on how long it takes to write a text book, this will add time… add on publishing time… you get where I’m going with this? By the time research reaches the eyes of students it could be maybe 5 years outdated, and that research might not be the current ‘truth’. A good example: I’m sure a lot of people have heard that cholesterol is very high in eggs and to avoid them….. not true. Still found in nutrition books though.

A third point to add to the broken argument is personal bias. Many people have their own biases about what works and what doesn’t, and despite evidence possibly showing the contrary, people will still try to put their biases on clients because “it worked for me” (eg. low carb/ keto/ clean eating). I could go on but this is already very long

What’s my point? There’s a lot of misinformation. There’s a lot of myths. There’s a lot of “I’m totally evidence based, I read that one article one time #SCIENCE”. It’s hard, damn near impossible actually, to figure out who’s speaking the truth and who isn’t. What instagram gurus should you trust? What health gurus should you trust? I mean, say there’s a hypothetical guru who’s doing really well… let’s call his brand “The Body Roach”, lets say he has a very popular plan called “Fine in no time” and you see tons of posts on instagram about how much success people have had with this plan… so that coach must know his stuff, right?… Don’t see that coach posting about the awful rebound rates, how much weight people gain when they try to come off the plan, and how much money they are charged to go on the plan in the first place… the poor nutrition infomation they are told or the lack of lifestyle coaching they receive to allow them to sustain a healthy life once off the diet. Am I making my point? Myths, misinformation, bad nutrition – even from people who are ‘respected’ in the industry.

So what I’m getting at here is that this INFURIATES me. People should be empowered by nutrition. People should be able to know what is good and what is bad, and not have their lives polluted by people trying to market ineffective plans, skinny teas, juice detoxes, unneccessary supplements, bias agendas, broscience (seriously lol) and so on. I want to combat this. I don’t want money, investment, attention – I don’t want personal gain. I want to help people who want to further their knowledge of nutrition. I want to know that I taught someone something that allowed them to make a better decision, to improve their health, to improve their training… to live longer through nutrition. I want to fight the broscience and misinformaiton, the bias and the agendas. So, I’m gonna start doing these posts. Fuled by what you guys want to know; you’ve asked me such wonderful questions and given me amazing topics to discuss. So prepare for essays, rants, and information. I will reference everything, I will openly debate with people who disagree with what I say 🙂

Also, there are good nutritionists out there too, there are solid evidence-based practitioners/ instagrammers.  I’m not saying the whole industry is bad, but it is broken and hopefully my little (not-so-little) posts can help a few of you guys out ❤ 🙂

PREPARE YO SELVES #evidencebased


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