Maxi Muscle Promax Millionaires Shortbread

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 9.49.23 PM

Have you guys heard the hype over this bar? I’ve seen so much about it being the ‘nicest protein bar people have ever had’, ‘best protein bar on the market’ etc etc. I got SO excited…. And now prepare yourselves for a RANT

Texture: Chewy. Soft. No crunch. The whole bar is the same soft chewy texture. The outside chocolate layer is generous, but it’s not ‘real’ chocolate
Taste: Let’s not cut corners here, IT’S NOT SHORTBREAD! ARE YOU KIDDING ME D: This isn’t even RESEMBLANT to short bread * deep breaths * okay…. this bar is a chocolate caramel bar. That’s it, that’s what it should be labelled. This is a label is of LIES and disappointment

I love shortbread ( can you tell ) and this bar is like everything that short bread is not – It’s not crunchy, it’s not buttery, it’s not anything like shortbread. I read the ingredients to figure out exactly what they tried to do to make it like short bread… ingredients: chocolate, and 10% caramel *face palm*

Sorry guys, I just needed that rant. Whoever is saying that this is the best bar they’ve ever had must mean “best bar I’ve ever had cause I’ve never had any other bar to compare it to”
Calories: 202/ C19 (7f)/ P20/ F5

As a shortbread bar: 2/10
As a chocolate caramel bar: 4/10 (way better out there; meh texture, meh taste, meh macros) 👿


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