(Musclepharm) Fitmiss Chocolate Peppermint

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 9.49.03 PM

Looks good, the coating makes it look super. But remember males, this is not for you. Active females only, okay? Active male? Don’t risk it.. You don’t know what the consequences could be.. one bite in and next thing you know you could find yourself strutting around on stage in a bikini and stripper heels, with no recollection of how you landed there but knowing it started with first bite of this bar

Nutritional Info: Cals 170/ C22 (12f)/ P15/ F6. Contains palm oil Again lower protein but also quite low calorie

Texture: Same as the last one, the icing-coated bits (🙄) aren’t crunchy, but they still add a nice element to the texture. The icing is great, and the inside is chewy but not too bad compared to some bars out there. I like how dense it is

Taste: The mint level is perfect and really nice, though I think the chocolate is lacking. Mint is definitely the main flavor, and really good. There is also an aftertaste of mint that lingers which was actually pretty great

6.5/10 Texture is okay, taste is nice, lacking in choco


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