(Musclepharm) Fitmiss Salted Caramel

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 9.48.48 PM

This bar is targeted at “active women”, sorry males, none 4 u 😎 It looks and smells really good, be jealous
Nutrition Info: Cals 170/ C22 (12f)/ P15/ F6 Contains palm oil. Lower in protein than most protein bars, but also lower calorie. Think this is a very good profile, and lower protein was actually what I needed on this day so that worked out really well

Texture: The balls on the outside (🙄) add a great texture but aren’t really crunchy, I was expecting them to be, but they’re pretty soft. They are very nice though, just not crunchy. The icing is thick & smooth. The inside is dense, a bit chewy but nothing too bad. Pretty good texture overall, the icing is super

Taste: It tastes caramel-y, but there is no actual caramel. You can definitely tell its artificial, but it’s still pretty nice. I didn’t get any salt from the flavour, only caramel. It’s sweet, caramel-y, and pretty enjoyable

7/10 Pretty good texture, nice taste


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