Quest Cereal Bar: Waffle

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 10.03.46 PM

Never tried something Waffle flavoured before so this is an experience

Nutritional Info: Calories 110/ C17 (6f)/ P12/ F4.5 Contains palm oil. Gluten free
For the size and quality of food you get, I think those calories/ macros are pretty great. Especially compared to most cereal bars that have you hungry 5 minutes after eating them

Texture: Spot on like a general cereal/ rice crispy type bar. Soft but with a crunch. Really good. The icing also feels like icing which I loved

Taste: Yum. I was not sure what to expect from ‘waffle flavour’ but this really tastes like some kind of baked good! It’s sweet and kind of maple-y. Some vanilla there too I think. Really good flavour and I haven’t tasted anything like this in the protein bar (or regular bar) market before

9/10 Really enjoyed it. Wish it was a bit crispier but overall, awesome


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