Birthday Cake Protein Cookie

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 9.26.15 PM

First can we just compare the icing on the cookie, to the icing on the cookie on the wrapping. HMMMM. Secondly…. for HALF a cookie it’s 180 calories: C17/ P8/ F8
So, based on the logic of calling it a ‘protein cookie’ you could also label it a ‘fat cookie’ seeing as they’re equal. I hate when nutrition labels divide one whole product into different servings. It’s not 2 halves of a cookie. It’s a full cookie, give the full calories. It’s also pretty high in calories for a small enough serving, without much protein

Texture: It’s really soft, chewy and dense. It’s not crunchy at all except for the sprinkles which have a very slight crunch. It sticks to your teeth, and is similar to a soft oatmeal type cookie. Not bad, but not amazing.. more like a soft flapjack

Taste: The first taste I got was banana… wtf? It’s the typical birthday cake- flavour that you find in protein bars, but there is definitely a banana taste there. Very weird. It’s sweet like vanilla & banana, it has icing but it doesn’t taste very strong. It’s also quite oaty, which I really liked

Pretty neutral; would be good if you’re bulking and trying to get cals in but the nutritional value isn’t optimal in my opinion. The flavour is okay, I’d eat it again but I wouldn’t buy it


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