Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookie

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 10.33.46 PM

Here’s a long review 😎

For some reason I think this is smaller than the others I’ve had, but still super dense

Nutritional info: Calories FOR HALF 180/ C17/ P8/ F10
This might be me being a bit difficult, but it bothers me that this is labelled as a protein cookie. These are not high protein. They would be much better labelled as a wholefood cookie/ health cookie/ something along those lines.. although there is nothing very healthy about 360 calories for one full cookie.. Eating a normal cookie would be way less calories. The fat content is higher than the protein – this really should not be called a protein cookie in my opinion

Texture: Really good! The other cookies I’ve had have been quite soft and chewy, this had more crunch. There are lots of peanuts throughout and really big chocolate chips, it’s fantastic. It’s much less chewy than the others, and more similar to a real cookie
Taste: Really, really enjoyed the taste. The chocolate chips are delicious and there’s a lot of them; the peanuts aren’t too strong but just right. The cookie itself tastes like a real cookie. Excellent taste

When I do my ratings, I’m taking all factors into account. This cookie had such a fanstastic taste, good texture… but shocking macros. I would never want someone to choose eating this instead of a real cookie – yes the ingredients are much better and nutrient dense… BUT I looked up the nutritional information of big, decadent cookies… and they have lower calories. Tesco finest salted caramel and chocolate cookie: 284 calories for the full thing. Tesco twix cookie: 210 calories. Tesco double chocolate cookie: 198 calories.. with 2g protein. I mean, that’s close to HALF one of these cookies, and only 6g off on protine. You see my point? Just because something is labelled as healthy or high protein… does not make it optimal.
Anyway, I really did enjoy eating this. I had half at a time, cause I do NOT have the calories for that. If you’re hardgaining – maybe ideal for you. If not, be careful with the calories – remember HALF a cookie is a serving

5/10 taste & texture good, macros/cals awful


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